Our Favorite Farmhouse Looks Using Reclaimed & Vintage Materials

farmhouse decor ideas with reclaimed wood and vintage elements

We love that rustic farmhouse decor is having such a moment right now, because this design aesthetic is typically full of reclaimed, repurposed, and vintage materials! It’s hard to say why this look has become so popular in recent years, but it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere! Perhaps it’s the desire of city dwellers to connect with their country roots. Perhaps we’re craving a bit more warmth, character, and texture after years of overly sterile design elements. Or perhaps we’re just embracing the use of antique, salvaged materials over new, cheaply-made junk! Whatever the reason, we’re all for it. And here at Salvage Design Center, we can help you source many of the supplies and items you’ll need to get started with your own farmhouse look!

farmhouse design elements pantry door barn lights

If you’re wanting to achieve a farmhouse aesthetic, finding genuine reclaimed and vintage materials is key. Of course, every home has different needs and every homeowner will have their own unique preferences, but there are a few common elements that really contribute to the farmhouse ambiance:

  • Reclaimed Wood: Whether you use it for accent wall covering, flooring, a kitchen island, a rustic ceiling, a sliding door, or all of the above (not in the same room!), reclaimed wood is essential to an authentic farmhouse look.
  • Antique Doors & Multi-Pane Windows: Use them as actual doors and windows, or as stand alone accent pieces
  • Vintage & Rustic Signs: Hang an authentic reclaimed sign, or DIY your own with reclaimed wooden boards!
  • Porcelain Barn Lights: These salvaged pieces are highly sought after for their unique, authentic rustic quality
  • Antique Plumbing Fixtures: Claw foot tubs, porcelain farmhouse sinks, and salvaged faucets
  • Vintage Tin Panels: Use for ceiling covering or kitchen island siding
  • Unique Vintage Accessories (For example: watering cans, mason jars, milk jugs, wooden crates, etc.)

At Salvage Design Center, we can easily provide or help you source many of the materials you’ll need to get started on your own farmhouse project. We’re located at 1200 W. Evans Ave. Denver, CO 80223. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates on new inventory, workshops, and other events!

Now fire up the Pinterest and let’s get brainstorming! To get you started, here are a collection of our favorite farmhouse style looks that make the most of reclaimed materials:

farmhouse dining room elegant rusticwhite Farmhouse-Kitchen-Elements-DIY-project-Part-26white farmhouse kitchen farmers market signrustic farmhouse style living room barn doorrustic farmhouse foyer ladder signfarmhouse-kitchen-reclaimed-wood-beamsFarmhouse-Kitchen-Elements-reclaimed tin salvaged beamsFarmhouse-Kitchen-Elements-DIY-project-reclaimed woodFarmhouse-Kitchen-Elements-DIY-bricks

farmhouse style office accessories vintage and rusticfarmhouse style entrywayfarmhouse style elements antique doorfarmhouse stairway vintage signsfarmhouse look kitchen reclaimed woodfarmhouse kitchen vintage door groceries signfarmhouse elements antique furniture rusticfarmhouse guest bedroom vintage windowfarmhouse kitchen bluefarmhouse kitchen reclaimed wood ceilingfarmhouse kitchen rustic antique doorfarmhouse kitchen rustic reclaimed woodfarmer's market bookshelf rustic stylefarmhouse accessories rustic reclaimedfarmhouse airy bedroomfarmhouse decor living room rustic chalkboardfarmhouse dining room cottage antique door

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